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MIKET DSP Solutions provides customers with DSP-related/embedded software consulting service, helping them to turn their ideas into a fully functioning and tested commercial products, and working with customers on their problems with

  • System Design & Distributed Systems,
  • Voice Processing and Voice over Data Network Technology,
  • Adaptive Applications and System Identification,
  • Precise Signal Detectors,
  • more general DSP issues as Applied Mathematics, Numerical Recipes, and efficient assembly coding.
MIKET DSP Solutions is a member of TI's 3rd Party Network.

MIKET DSP Solutions provides the following high-quality eXpress DSP (xDAIS © TI) compliant algorithms for building next-generation telephony and tele/video-conferencing plaftorms, designed for 'C55xx/C54xx DSP archiectures:

  • G.167 Acoustic Echo Canceller is capable of providing perceptually full duplex quality in above-average sized office rooms when used even in inexpensive speakerphones with a single omni-directional microphone.
    AEC supports echo tails up to 400ms and, in addition, provides up to 15 dB of noise reduction (Ephraim-Malah).

  • Line Echo Canceller is optimized to provide the maximum attainable, fully transparent voice quality for de-echoing of a PSTN or POTS connection in VoIP / LAN systems with internal delays, or on a codec end of a telecom switch (20ms echo tail).
    Call for a long tail version.

  • DTMF Detector is based on multi-rate signal processing and advanced short-term spectral analysis methods (MLE-derived) to ensure superior precision and robustness.
    DTMF detector is fully run-time configurable, takes very low MIPS (0.25...0.35MIPS) on 'C55xx, supports 13...16ms latency tone relay, passes all relevants tests, and gets only 1...5 false hits on 3 hours on BellCore talk-off tests.

  • Call Progress Tone Detector recognizes single- or dual-tones derived from the standard North American set of tones (350, 440, 480, 620 Hz) and 400 Hz tone. CPD detector is fully configurable and extendable.

  • Caller ID Receiver provides Type I signal detection according to relevant BellCore specifications.
    CLID tolerates high noise levels (BER=10^-4 on SNR=6dB), abnormal level twists, and very low signal levels (down to -55 dBm).

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